Spargz Brass Jewel Set (Gold) : Spargz Brass Jewel Set (Gold) : If you want to look pretty, different and attractive everyday Spargz Brass Jewel Set is only for you. A very beautiful Necklace and a set of pearl are there in the Jewel set. IT looks like gold, rate wise it is affordable. Necklace is made of brass and it is gold plated. Stone used in this set is of red and white. Pearl is made of plastic and its round shape can impress anybody.You can wear it with traditional outfits.The collection is ethnic.

Jewels Guru Brass Jewel Set : Jewels Guru Brass Jewel Set : This Necklace, Chain & Earring Set is for those girls and women who wants to look simple and attractive. It is made up of brass. 1 Pendant, 2 Earring, 1 Chain is there in the set. You can wear it on traditional as well as western outfits. Whether you are going for relegious ceremony or in wedding function, make your moment memorable. You can also wear it on regular basis. The length of the chain is 22 inch. Gemstone used is Cubic Zirconia. It is Rhodium and Yellow Gold platted.

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